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10 Places To Visit In Chechnya

  1. The Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque

The mosque, officially known as the “Heart of Chechnya”, was built based on the classical Ottoman style with a set of 62-metre tall minarets. Modelled after other famous mosques (al-Kubbat Sahra in Jerusalem, Rovzat-Nebevi in Medina, and the Kaaba shrine in Mecca) are the 36 chandeliers in the mosque. The dome appears to float atop four supporting columns. The seemingly airy lightness adds to its beauty.


  1. Tsoi-Pede

Meaning ‘Abode of Divinity,’ it is one of 218 cultural heritage sites in Chechnya located in the historic district of Malkhista, ‘Land of the Sun.’  Everyone buried in this place dubbed the “city of the dead” was considered equal to a deity. A place shrouded with mysticism with its crypts. It is not for the faint of heart.


  1. Lake Kezenoyam

On the border of Vedensky district of Chechen Republic and Botlikhsky district of Dagestan Republic lays this alpine lake. About 1,800 meters above sea level, it is the largest and deepest lake in the North Caucasus. You can reach the lake in about two hours from Grozny city.


  1. Museum Dondi Yurt

Chechnya in miniature is the best way to this open-air “house museum” located in the small town of Urus-Martan opened by Mr.Adam Satuyev. Over 20,000 cultural and historical items are displayed, and the collection continues to grow. Every piece comes with an exciting story told by Mr.Satuyev.


  1. The Museum of Akhmad Kadyrov

Located in the centre of Grozny is this museum which upon entering you will be greeted by sheer marble and stunning chandeliers. A shrine to Akhmat and Ramzan, the museum showcases the clothes Akhmat was wearing the day he died and original photographs of the explosion that ripped him apart. Other relics include books Akhmat and Ramzan have written about themselves.


  1. The Flower Park

The flower park near the Grozny City complex in Grozny was opened to mark Chechen Women’s Day. It is 4.5 hectares big and has animal topiary to add to the attractiveness of the park. The most conspicuous feature of this park is the heart symbol monument at its entrance, referred to as the Alley of Hearts. At night, this monument lights up to show a lovely appearance.


  1. Groznenskoye Sea

The water here is clean and fresh. Every weekend, during the night, you will get to enjoy a beautiful romantic sight thanks to the colourful music fountain that appears to dance. Nearby is a path filled with lanterns that make for a great stroll during the evening.

  1. National Museum of Chechen Republic

Filled with artefacts, pictures, artwork and relics of Chechnya, it is a must-stop for those eager to understand the local history and culture.


  1. The castle Phyakoch (Pakoch)

In Itum-Kali, the township occupies an area of 1.7 hectares. Until recent times, there were only ruins to see. Now the tower complex has been restored and is open to visitors. One longitudinal street passes through Pakoch.


  1. Ushkaloi Twin Towers

Among the oldest objects of the Koban culture, the architecture of the towers is very peculiar. Having four tiers, they are about 12 metres high. Built into a rock vault, the stone canopy of the rock works as the roof. They also have three walls where the rock serves as the fourth.

10 Fun Weird Facts About Russia

Weird Facts
  1. According to research carried out by UK Lender Payday Pixie, Moscow has the largest number of millionaires of per capita than anyplace else in the world. Russia’s capital flaunts more money tycoon residents than any other city in the world – 79 to be accurate. As per Forbes, this dwarfs that of the “billionaires playground” of Monaco that boasts more millionaires per square metre than anywhere else in the world.


  1. Moscow has the third busiest metro in the world. Beating the rundown of the world’s busiest metros at number three, simply behind Toyko and Seoul, there are 12 lines and in excess of 6 million individuals ride the Moscow Metro day by day.


  1. Russians are instructed not to smile in school. Russia consistently comes out ahead of the pack on arrangements of the World’s Least Friendly Countries. It is said that that Russians are instructed not to smile in school. However, if you ever happen to go to Russia people are generally very friendly.


  1. Russians have a great deal of superstitions. From patting a dog’s paw (yet just with your left hand!) for cash to making a desire on the off chance that you could effectively flip a coin into Peter the Great’s boot, There are about a ton of superstitions. The weirdest would be the manner by which Russians chose where to fabricate their homes in old occasions. it was a superstition that the first to go into a house would bite the dust, so normally they’d send a cat in first.


  1. Russian ladies go on a city visit after their wedding.If you do happen to go to Russia you would meet brides presenting before renowned churches like St. Basil’s and Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood, at parks, and even on pontoons along St. Petersburg’s waterways. It’s convention for a recently hitched couple to go on a city visit promptly following the function.

  1. Russian ladies truly stroll around in 6-inch heels.Russia the place that is known for astounding shoes. What’s more, Russian ladies walk around town in Russia and they cross the cobbled avenues in 6-inch stilettos, never faltering.


  1. The Hermitage is gigantic. Gigantic. Included six structures, there are more than 3 million displays inside. It’s additionally one of the biggest and most seasoned exhibition halls in the world and was established by Catherine the Great in 1764.


  1. The town of Suzdal is just 15 square kilometers however has a mind boggling 53 churches. Suzdal is loaded with pleasant appeal. Despite the fact that the populace is currently more than 10,000, it holds its little town feel and appeal. There is a delightful juxtaposition between Russian engineering and farmland.


  1. St. Petersburg has three fold the number of bridges as Venice. St. Petersburg is likewise on that rundown, is substantially more sentimental than Venice itself. A portion of the city is filled with more than 1000 bridges that cross the trenches to watch golden onion arches flicker and towers shimmer.


  1. The Trans-Siberian Railway crosses 8 time zones, experiences 87 urban communities and towns, and crosses 16 waterways including the Volga. Perceived by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest single railroad in the world.0
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